Pagabo national utilities supply framework goes live

Pagabo has announced that its National Utilities Supply Framework is now live, with Npower and Water Plus winning lead roles on the three lots. The framework is designed to provide public sector bodies with a compliant procurement route for their electricity, gas and water supply contracts.

Split across three lots, the framework will run for four years - enabling compliant electricity, gas and water supply contracts of any value to be accessed nationwide. Jason Stapley, managing director at Pagabo, said: “It is pleasing to see our new utilities framework go live and know we will be helping public sector bodies save time and money, whilst not sacrificing quality.

“Using this framework will provide our clients with expert market intelligence and will allow for strategic utility procurement based on the daily tracking of the wholesale utility futures market. Using this insight, we will be able to advise our clients on the best time to place their utility supply contracts to deliver the maximum savings.”

NPower will cover Lots 1 and 2, which focus on the supply of mains electricity and natural gas respectively. A range of supply contracts will be available from one year upwards.

Under lot 1, a range of electricity supply contracts are available, including half-hourly and non-half hourly metered supplies, fixed, part fixed, flexible and basket purchasing contract options, as well as supply mixes including green, renewable energy and CCL exempt supplies. NPower will offer 100% renewable as standard under the framework.

Lot 2 offers supply contracts including all meter types, fixed, part fixed, flexible and basket purchasing contract options, as well as options for different supply mixes including renewable and biogas.

Stapley added: “We will be helping clients cut down their energy consumption and carbon footprint, helping install sustainable activities throughout every stage of the supply chain. Respecting our value of transparency, this framework will display simplicity and stability in action with the public in mind.”

Lot 3 will be covered by Water Plus and will allow client organisations to access water supply and sewerage services. Again, a range of supply contract durations will be available from one year upwards. Clients will also have access to a unique to the industry flood risk and severe weather alert function.

Pagabo says that, through working with both Npower and Water Plus, the National Utilities Supply Framework will help clients to decarbonise their services by reducing their carbon footprint in order to meet net zero carbon legislation by 2050. This can be through the use of green fuels, with improved usage monitoring to identify ways of reducing a client’s consumption of energy and water.

All supply contracts offer client organisations the benefits of direct access to an account manager, access to an online portal to view, manage and receive consumption information and invoices, as well as assisted management of supplies to be provided by Pagabo.

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