Video: Barry Gardiner, shadow environment minister, on Labour's pre-election promises

Embrace the environment for a sustainable economy - "to drive growth and because it is the right thing to do", says Labour.

If we want a sustainable economy we need to embrace the environment, Labour's environment spokesman told the Environmental Industries Commission annual conference.

"It is about driving growth but it is also the right thing to do," he explained.

Gardiner confirmed that Labout will champion air quality and set in place a network of low emission zones to give local authorities the tools they need to tackle the problem.

He added that 5M homes would be tageted for energy reduction measures as a future Labout administrateion tackles decarbonisation .

"There will be a decarbonisation target for 2020. We also have to look at reduction in energy use – everybody accepts that the green deal was a disaster – we will work with lA to put through 5M homes propoer insulated – we just have to get it right."

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