Pagabo launches new digital procurement platform

National framework provider Pagabo has launched its central procurement technology platform, which places everything at the fingertips of its users. 

It gives clients and suppliers access to a fully integrated procurement process through intelligent dashboards that provide real insights into projects, suppliers, social value and all the relevant information they need.

The new My Pagabo platform simplifies the full tender process, allowing clients to track projects from initial engagement, right through to completion. The company says its new platform is designed specifically to create a smarter, faster and easier way of working for everyone involved, and has seen the team dedicate more than 6,000 hours of time into the development.

All the information clients may need will be centralised within the dashboard and separated out into several key sections. Clients can view the frameworks available to them and digitally sign the client access agreement for others within the platform. 

They will also be able to see all of the suppliers available to them, with each one having an individual profile showing the key company information, case studies and good news stories. My Pagabo also has integration that allows clients to view the Creditsafe score of all suppliers on the platform.

The platform gives clients the ability to input all the necessary data for their organisation, and to onboard all the team members involved in procurement processes. Live projects can be viewed, and new ones can be started quickly and easily from the projects section.

Julian Penna, business analyst at Pagabo, said: “After pouring quite literally thousands of hours into the development of My Pagabo to ensure we have created the most effective procurement technology possible; we’re thrilled to be fully launching the platform to kick off the new year.

“The key thing for My Pagabo is providing a simple and central process, combined with instant access to all the information users need within a central platform. It brings procurement into the future through the use of digital and will allow clients to manage their complete procurement processes – including all correspondence – in a central location. 

“As well as the obvious benefits of streamlining, time saving and less physical paperwork, clients will be able to manage the entire process from the outset starting with an expression of interest, through the tendering and awarding process – all backed up with a dedicated customer support service."

Charlotte Brogan, design and build manager at Wildgoose Construction, who has been involved with the beta-testing of My Pagabo, said: “The construction industry is always changing. A lot of new technology is coming in, there’s lots happening around training new members of staff, and projects are having to find more efficient ways of working. The My Pagabo platform helps to streamline that, it addresses all of these items in the procurement stages, which is where we need to get that push.

"There’s only so much you can reduce costs in construction without compromising on quality, and this platform helps us to narrow down costs right at the start of a project.”

Simon Toplass, chief executive at Pagabo, said: “Our mission at Pagabo is to provide the industry with the best procurement processes possible, and the launch of My Pagabo really underlines this digital-first approach that is needed within the industry. 

"Social value is always at the heart of everything we do – and My Pagabo is no different. Users will be able to view our overall social value statistics for our network of frameworks, but the platform will also be fully integrated with Social Profit Calculator. This means that clients will be able to effectively and accurately measure the end-to-end, real life impact of their projects.

“We believe that technology is there to help, not hinder us and this new platform will do a lot of the heavy lifting for our clients – saving them time, allowing them to engage with suppliers like never before, and making the whole end-to-end experience much better for clients.”

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