Zero carbon housing: is the industry ready to rise to the challenge?

How can innovative thinking around zero carbon housing lead towards a future of affordable, sustainable and attractive homes that promote energy efficient lifestyles?

Join the Green Construction Board for a free seminar and guided tour of the Nottingham University Creative Energy Homes Project on 3rd July - click here for details.

Nottingham University’s Creative Energy Homes project demonstrates how homes of the future could evolve. This special Green Construction Board-backed breakfast seminar will outline the project’s progress on the route to zero carbon design and help you to understand how you can take advantage of the lessons being learnt.

With recent changes to building regulations pressing the industry even harder towards the construction of zero carbon homes, the Creative Energy Homes Project provide valuable insights into some of the challenges industry face and the solutions available to tackle it.

Five years ago, seven homes were constructed in the University Park Campus, each designed and built to test how energy efficiency housing can be achieved and to show benefits that technology could offer home owners.

Join the Green Construction Board on 3rd July, to step inside these homes.

A short seminar on the project will be followed by a tour of the properties and, in particular, a look at the BASF House which demonstrates that housing designed to be more energy efficient uses less energy, saves money and helps protect the environment. 

Each property has been fully instrumented and will be monitored to determine performance and to understand where future low carbon wins will most likely come from. By utilising a range of different low carbon innovations, the project allows different aspects of modern methods of construction and sustainable/renewable energy technologies to be assessed.


  • 8:00/ 8:30 - Arrivals, "Coffee and Breakfast Roll"
  • 08:30 - Green Construction Board - Construction Strategy 2025, Gill Kelleher, BASF
  • 08:40 - The Road to Carbon Zero, Rob Pannell, Zero Carbon Hub
  • 09:10 - “The Creative Homes Project”, Professor Mark Gillot, Nottingham University
  • 09:20 - Cost effective Zero carbon SME House Building 
  • 09:30 - Tour of BASF House and Creative Homes Projects
  • 11:00 – Depart

To book your place on 3rd July click here

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