Developing the diversity and inclusion agenda

ACE has taken a lead in the drive for diversity and inclusion by updating its Business Code of Practice to contain an affirmation of a member’s responsibility to understand and promote the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the industry.

This applies to all areas including gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.

At the AGM on 19 May 2015, ACE members approved the changes to the Business Code of Practice to ensure that the wider association is engaged in and committed to the issue.

Moving forward ACE will be engaging with a wide range of stakeholders across the supply chain with the purpose of benchmarking the various initiatives and identifying best practice. This will culminate in ACE making clear recommendations to the industry on how to incorporate diversity and inclusion commitments into their recruitment and procurement activities.

ACE recognises that diversity and inclusion is not only a social and cultural priority for the UK, but is also a business imperative in the marketplace by ensuring talent is drawn from the widest possible field. The ACE initiative is intended to identify those taking the lead in diversity and inclusion, learning how they affected change in their own company environment to develop and retain the individuals and teams of the future. 

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