Infrastructure - an essential part of everyday life

Infrastructure is vital to the global competitiveness of any nation and forms a key component of sustainable economic growth. Beyond being just a driver of growth, infrastructure is an essential part of everyday life that we want to be efficient and well maintained.  

The surveying profession has its foundations in the expansion of our rail network during the Victorian Age and ever since chartered surveyors have been integral to providing project management and cost savings throughout the whole life of infrastructure projects.

RICS members utilise industry agreed and government endorsed professional standards, guidance and qualifications, helping public and private sectors deliver projects on time and on budget. The market information and training that we provide boosts investor confidence, creates capacity in the economy and delivers growth opportunities.

The RICS built infrastructure pathway to membership, sitting alongside our professional standards and guidance, benchmark data, independent research and policy influencing, will help governments and markets successfully deliver a more vibrant infrastructure sector

As the leading organisation for property professionals we can proudly say that RICS encompasses the entire land, property and construction sector and is very much a key player in infrastructure.

I was delighted to be asked by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to act as Chairperson for RICS’ Infrastructure Conference on 3rd April. I believe we are seeing resurgence in focus upon infrastructure in the UK, over the last decade. With highly successful programmes such as High Speed 1 and the London 2012 Olympics, we have built confidence to invest heavily in supporting our future. This conference will give us an opportunity to discuss and explore each stage of an infrastructure programme and hear from a diverse and informed range of speakers. I look forward to you joining me.

Martin Rowark, Chair, RICS Infrastructure Forum

For details of the RICS infrastructure conference click here