Budget 2016: Northern Powerhouse Timeline

The Budget Red Book revealed a timeline for the Northern Powerhouse, highlighting key project starts and completions.

2015-16 Key Project Starts:

  • £220m upgrade to M6 J16-19 between Crewe and Knutsford
  • Construction of the £230m A6 to Manchester Airport relief road 
  • Phase one of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme

Key Project Completions

  • Electrification of railway between Manchester and Liverpool
  • £120m M1 J39-42 Smart Motorway between Wakefield and Leeds
  • Construction of the £300m Liverpool2 deep water terminal at Seaforth

2016-17 Key Project Starts:

  • Construction of £200m New Polar Research Vessel, Birkenhead
  • New rail franchises for TransPennine Express and Northern start 1 April 2016
  • £100m improvement to A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction in Newcastle
  • £75m development of improvements to M60, Northern TransPennine links (A66 and A69) and TransPennine tunnel between Manchester and Sheffield

Key Project Completions:

  • £192m upgrade to A556 Knutsford to Bowdon
  • Carrington Power Station enters operation, after a £620m construction

2017-18 Key Project Starts:

  • ESIOS – Energy Subsurface Test Centre, Chester
  • National Centre for Ageing Science and Innovation, Newcastle
  • Smart Motorway on the M62 J10-12 (Manchester – Warrington)
  • £13m Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Key Project Completions:

  • £380m of improvement works on the A1 Leeming to Barton
  • £210m Smart Motorway on M60 J8 – M62 J20
  • Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre, Manchester 
  • Cognitive Computing Research Centre, Cheshire (Hartree Phase III)
  • Plans produced for High Speed 3 between Leeds and Manchester to reduce journey times to around 30 minutes
  • National College of High Speed Rail, Doncaster

2018-19 Key Project Starts:

  • Ouse and Foss flood defence schemes in York, and phase two of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
  • Publish 2nd Roads Investment Strategy (2020-25), which could include TransPennine tunnel and upgrades to northern TransPennine roads and M60
  • Comprehensive upgrades to the TransPennine rail route, paving the way for High Speed 3

Key Project Completions:

  • Tees Renewable Energy Plant and £190-200m Energy Works in Hull
  • Great Exhibition of the North 2018

2019-20 Key Project Starts:

  • Upgrades to the A5036 Princess Way and M56 J6-8 Smart Motorway (Manchester Airport – A556)
  • Smart Motorway on the M62 J20-25 (Leeds – Manchester)
  • Upgrades to the A1 north of Ellingham
  • M62/M606 Chain Bar in Bradford

Key Project Completions:

  • M62 J10-12, M60 J24-27 & J1-4 South of Manchester Smart Motorway
  • Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials, Manchester
  • National Institute for Smart Data Innovation, Newcastle
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