Loop launches survey aiming to reveal state of social value in construction

Social value experts Loop have launched a survey for the construction market, which aims to identify industry views on social value, and where things can be improved. 

When analysed, the results will reveal how much organisations are focusing on social value, how they are approaching it now, and how it integrates with procurement and tender processes. 

The survey will also delve into individual mindset, gaining an insight into how social value impacts people’s day-to-day job roles – and how knowledgeable and prepared they feel for working in this realm. 

Angus Townsend, director of social value at Loop, said: “The construction industry is certainly one of the most progressive when it comes to social value and understanding its importance. 

"However, there’s still a long way to go to even the playing field for organisations of all sizes and kinds, and make sure that we’re taking the right approach to social value.

“The sheer scale of the built environment means there are people at every stage of the social value journey. 

"What we want to do is see what this looks like on an industry-wide scale and get a picture of understanding and drive for social value, as well as where things can be done better." 

He added since the Social Value Act was introduced ten years ago, there have been growing developments with numerous pieces of legislation, government procurement policy notes and a big focus on social value in the Construction Playbook. 

“Momentum is growing significantly, especially as we continue to adapt to a post-pandemic world while tackling the climate crisis," he says. 

"This can even be seen in the volume of Google searches for ‘social value’ for example, which have more than doubled in the past five years.

“Our mission is to help organisations understand social value, measure the impacts they have, continually improve and make a real difference to real people. 

"We look forward to seeing the results of this survey – we know they will be incredibly eye opening for us all.” 

A crucial question in the survey examines the figures attached to social value measurement, and whether monetised values are important – and crucially if they are at risk of overinflation. 

The survey will be open to responses until Friday 26 May.

Attendees at the UKREiiF conference in Leeds will be able to submit responses at Loop’s ‘The Future of Social Value’ Pavilion at the Royal Armouries. 

Fill out the survey here.

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