Atkins opens doors to new wave of graduates and apprentices

More than 300 graduates and apprentices have started their careers in design, engineering and project management after joining Atkins.

The 256 graduates and 61 apprentices will be based at offices around the country, working across a range of disciplines - from mechanical, electrical and civil engineering through to surveying and project management - and markets, including energy, transport, infrastructure and defence. This year, Atkins’ infrastructure division has recruited the highest number of graduates (92) and apprentices (26) reflecting on-going growth and investment in the sector.

Nick Roberts, Atkins’ chief executive officer, UK & Europe, said:  “The future sustainability of our nation’s infrastructure depends on continued investment in the engineers, scientists and designers of tomorrow. In welcoming these new colleagues to Atkins, we’ve committed to provide them with a broad range of opportunities to develop their skills and build great careers. In turn, their diverse range of experience will enrich our projects and enable us to bring new ideas to our clients’ problems at a time when the need for innovation has never been greater.”

Nilushi Perera, a graduate civil engineer in Atkins’ transportation division, said: “Deciding to join Atkins’ Graduate Development Programme was a natural and easy decision for me due to the wide range of schemes I will get to work on; from feasibility to design to construction, on structures old and new.”

Ryan Clayton, third year apprentice mechanical engineer in Atkins’ energy division, said: “There is no ceiling for apprentices at Atkins. As long as you are determined and good at what you do, you can go as far as you want. All the people here have something about them – something in them that’s a unique selling point to the client. That creates a special kind of culture that I want to be a part of. 

“The apprenticeship scheme is something really special – everyone is treated the same. There’s an amazing amount of expertise in the business delivering technical greatness to our clients, which allows us to learn from highly skilled people. I am proud to be part of Atkins.”

Applications for Atkins’ 2017 graduate development programme have now also opened to enable prospective candidates to submit applications before going back to university. The next summer placement programme will offer around 180 opportunities across Atkins from October 2016 and the company is opening early this year for apprentices in September. 

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