Environment roundup

Government is stopping funding for the Green Deal Finance Company due to “low take-up and concerns about industry standards.” Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd said she will now “work with the building industry and consumer groups on a new value-for-money approach.”

The majority of the UK public remains worried about global warming according to an Institution of Mechanical Engineers / ICM Unlimited poll. The survey of over 2,000 members of the public by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and ICM Unlimited has found that 57% of the public are worried about global warming, with 14% saying they were ‘very worried’. The poll also found that 64% of people think global warming is already a problem now, while 70% said they think global warming will be a problem in 20 years’ time. The main issues the respondents said they were worried about were flooding and sea level rises (63%), extreme weather like hurricanes and cyclones (60%), and droughts and water shortages (53%).

Global plans to curb carbon dioxide are well below what's needed to keep temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees, according to a new analysis from researchers at Climate Action Tracker. The CAT rated seven of the 15 submitted carbon plans as "inadequate" to keep temperatures below the accepted level of dangerous warming.

The number of fly-tipping incidents in England has soared 16 per cent in just two years, as people move home more frequently and consumer goods get cheaper. Experts said the number of incidents was being partly driven by the “disposable” nature of many household items including flat-pack furniture and white goods. Green restrictions on disposing of household goods such as fridges and televisions may also be encouraging unscrupulous or lazy owners to dump the items rather than recycling them responsibly.