• Going underground – tunnelling to lead with new BIM and data technology

    Data management technology and techniques are helping to put tunnelling at the core of infrastructure programmes, says Jim Woodhams
    8 years 1 month ago
  • Waldeck Consulting founder, Paul Waldeck.

    Big benefits for nuclear sector by going digital

    The nuclear industry can reap big benefits from deploying emerging digital technologies.
    8 years 1 month ago
  • Carbon calculator a first for BIM design

    A new carbon calculator is being launched later this month – the first to measure the capital and operational carbon footprints of BIM designed assets, writes Mott MacDonald sustainability leader Davide Stronati
    8 years 1 month ago
  • BIM can genuinely fix our ills

    As BIM becomes mandatory in public projects, Richard Shennan says re-thinking the boundaries between consulting engineers and contractors is a key step in realising BIM’s benefits.
    8 years 2 months ago
  • Is deep machine learning key to the future of BIM?

    A team at Cambridge University is applying advanced machine learning to build BIM models, but needs help from national infrastructure agencies to realise the technique's vast potential, says Viorica Patraucean
    8 years 3 months ago
  • BIM well set to solve rail's delivery problem

    BIM is now proven as a means for helping the rail sector to solve acute issues of delivery capacity, particularly in electrification, writes Atkins' Ray Dudding
    8 years 3 months ago
  • How BIM is driving efficiences for water companies

    Water industry collaboration in BIM can stimulate competition and innovation, says Andrew Cowell of MWH and chair of BIM4Water
    8 years 3 months ago
  • BIM in Scotland – the challenge and the benefits

    As the deadline for Level 2 BIM nears in England, in Scotland the mandatory date is April 2017. Transport Scotland project manager Andy Anderson answers the key questions
    8 years 3 months ago
  • Video: Straight Talk with Mark Bew – beyond the road to BIM level 2 compliance

    UK government BIM task group chair Mark Bew sets out his views on the challenge of taking the UK supply chain to BIM level compliance by 2 April 2016 and explains the new target to verify and drive up data quality by October 2016.
    8 years 6 months ago
  • Dr Stephen Hamil

    NBS BIM Toolkit revealed

    With the Government’s deadline for the use of Level 2 BIM rapidly approaching, those involved in the design and delivery of infrastructure projects find themselves at the ‘sharp end’ of the BIM revolution says Dr Stephen Hamil
    8 years 6 months ago