• Andrew Heather, Mott MacDonald

    The UK water industry needs to embrace climate resilience

    Climate change represents a growing threat to our water infrastructure. Investment must be targeted at building resilience, but this must be matched by improved communication between companies and the regulator, says Andrew Heather.
    8 years 4 months ago
  • Tom Standring, MWH Treatment

    It all needs to go PEA shaped... to meet AMP6 efficiencies

    To meet the AMP6 efficiencies challenge, which averages out at a 20% overall improvement, there needs to be a real left shift of expertise with increased supply chain involvement says Tom Standring of MWH.
    8 years 6 months ago
  • Scotland seeks leading position in developing new water technologies

    Economic development agencies Scottish Enterprise and the Highlands and Islands Enterprise have launched a new initiative aimed increasing innovation within the water sector. The Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service will build more effective links across...
    8 years 9 months ago
  • Martin Shouler, Arup

    Who gets it? Living in a world of water scarcity

    California’s almond exacerbated drought is one example of the developing issue of competition for water. Arup’s Martin Shouler says professionals can work together to solve the problem.
    8 years 9 months ago
  • British Water BIM conference supported by MWH

    Water companies need to lead on BIM

    Andrew Cowell of MWH on the recent British Water BIM Conference
    8 years 10 months ago